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Now you can order individual character stencils in any quantity. Stencil Ease is now offering individual letter stencils or single number stencils on our new letter selector page. Individual stencil characters can be ordered from 4” high up to 108” high as a single unit. There are 5 plastic materials to choose from ranging from super durable 60 mil parking lot stencil plastic to 7.5 mil wall stenciling film. We will cut these letter stencils, number stencils, lower case stencils or punctuation stencils as separate pieces and ship them directly to you in a carton via UPS or USPS.

Basketball Court Stencil


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Our Basketball Court Stencil is a NCAA college/highschool regulation court and the overall dimensions to the outside free-throw lines are 12 ft wide x 25 ft and 2 in (top of radius). All lines are 2 in. thick. The basic kit comes with 32 stencil pieces that lay out to make your basketball court (3 point line not included in the BASIC kit).

The Stencil Ease basketball court is made from our thickest 60 mil, (1/16 in. thick), heavy-duty reusable plastic industrial material. This is NOT made out of cardboard. This material is designed to lay flat, not get blown around from wind gusts and is specifically used for marking concrete, pavement or any surface. With these stencils and our over-spraybox (comes with kit), your basketball court will paint out with crisp, clean lines every time. This court will last for years and can be used hundreds of time with little to no maintenance.

Don’t want the lines to have gaps or breaks? After you paint the court, simply slide the stencil into a different position over the lines you’ve already applied and spray.

Click here to buy this stencil or for more product information

Victorian Baroque Stencils

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Victorian Baroque Stencils, originally uploaded by stencilease.

You can use this Victorian Baroque Decorating Stencils Kit to create your own patterns all over your wall or Floor. Quickly and easily create a Victorian ambience in your home! You can place your order online now at stencilease.com or call us today – our operators are standing by at (800) 334-1776!

SSO2015 Victorian Damask Wall and Floor Stencil

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You can use this Victorian Damask Wall and Floor Stencil to create your own patterns all over your wall or Floor. Quickly and easily create an historical ambience in your home!

Mosaic Tile Stencil

Mosaic Tile Home Decorating Patio, Wall and Floor Stencil
You can use this large-format Mosaic Tile stencil design to paint all over your wall, floor or patio. Quickly and easily create an expensive Mosaic Pattern. For use by beginners and professional painters. You can place your order online now or call us today – our operators are standing by at (800) 334-1776!

Marsh Grass Hunting Camo Stencils


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Marsh Grass Camo Stencil Kit

The marsh grass camo stencil kit includes everything needed to camouflage stencil a duck boat, blind, truck, burlap sheet, wood, stool or other material.

The kit includes 5 different sizes and styles of marsh grass to fit most panels, seats, sides and transoms of a boat or truck. These include:

1)17″ high x 11″ wide sheet

2)17″ high x 14″ wide sheet

3)17″ high x 5″ wide sheet

4)17″ high x 7″ wide sheet

5)14″ high x 36″ wide sheet

All stencils can be used alone or in combination to vary the grass sizes and repeats; or create a uniform look.

Depending on your application, we suggest you strongly consider the adhesive-backed material. This durable adhesive-backed plastic stencil can be reused many times and is ideal for firmly sticking the stencil to boats and other uneven surfaces. We also suggest you use 2” painters tape around the edge of the stencil to minimize overspray.

Compare our price! Cabelas sells one sheet of 11”x17” plastic (not even adhesive backed) for $19.99 or a 24”x36” piece for $69.99.

Mack’s Praire Wing sells one sheet of 12”x20” plastic for $29.99.

Our marsh grass 5-piece kit sells for $46.00 to $59.80. (order 2 or other camo patterns to get free shipping at $99.)

Choose from any of our durable reusable plastics. 7.5 mil, 10 mil, 14 mil or adhesive backed 7.5 mil.

Stencil Ease manufactures the camo stencil and ships to you in 1-2 days. If you need larger pieces just email us with your requested size and we will email within 24 – 48 hours with a price. Click here for more camo patterns

Below is a quick slide show with step by step photos of a duck boat being stenciled with the marsh grass camo stencil kit.



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Deep Woods Camouflage Stencil

You can use this large-format Camo stencil for creating patterns on trucks, boats, wood surfaces, duck blinds, deer blinds, walls, floors and fabrics. The paint can be applied through the stencil with camo spray paint (available at most hardware stores) or liquid paints using our high density foam rollers. Boats should be painted with specialty marine camo paints (such as Pettit Z*Spar) while walls can be painted with interior paints. The camo stencil design repeats in all directions allowing you to customize any size project. Quickly and easily create a camouflaged surface with our camo stencils! You can place your order online right now or call us today – our operators are standing by at (800) 334-1776!

The basic kit contains: 2 – 19.5″ x 19.5″ Stencil Sheet
You can also order the stencil in a 40″ x 40″ size (comes with two 48″x48″ sheets)- shown as Production Stencil 4 full repeats or 40″ x 80″ size (comes with two 48″x96″ sheets) – shows as Production Stencil 8 full repeats.

If you are camo stenciling on an outdoor surface, you should not use acrylic paint.

We now have this stencil as a Production stencils with more 4 repeats on 1 stencil #SCM0006-4. The 4 repeat stencils are non-returnable and all sales are final.
Click here for more camo patterns

New Playground Stencils from Stencilease.com


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Clock Playground Stencils
Cut on durable, reusable plastic – 16 feet wide x 16 feet high
Our new Clock stencil is a fun item to add to any school, daycare, preschool or home environment. This Clock stencil ships on 8 sheets that fit together to make the 16 foot Clock. Simply unroll the stencils, place in position and mark the pattern with spray marking paint (permanent and temporary marking sprays available at local hardware stores) or use a marking ink with a foam or neoprene roller (you may want to secure the edges with tape or weights if it is even slightly windy).

Some paints and stains can be used, but we suggest you talk to your local paint or hardware store for the best spray paint, ink or liquid paint for the surface you wish to use the Clock stencil on.
Now you can choose from the following material thicknesses:
10 mil = 0.010 inches (0.25 mm)
60 mil = 0.060 inches (1.54 mm)

If you need a size that is not listed please call us at 1-800-334-1776 or email info@stencilease.com